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The Subjunctivisor is an interactive tool that advises whether to use the subjunctive with some 275 French verbs, expressions, and conjunctions.Jan 3, 2012 . The Subjunctivator consists of a drop down box with a long list of phrases in French, you select a phrase by clicking on it and wait. A new  dudar que … to doubt that … es dudoso que … it is doubtful that … es improbable que … it's unlikely that … es incierto que … it's uncertain that … es posible . Does the French expression bien que need the subjunctive? Find out with the Subjunctivator!I don't hope that he's coming. Espères-tu qu'il vienne ? Do you hope that he's coming? The Subjunctivator! | Quiz: Subjunctive or indicative? Show Full Article . Je ne pense pas que ce soit vrai. I don't think it's true. Penses-tu que ce soit vrai ? Do you think it's true? The Subjunctivator! | Quiz: Subjunctive or indicative?English, Singlish, Chinese; Singapore. The Subjunctivator says there isn't any such need. Handy, ça. ;). john_riemann_soong, Feb 22, 2007.My main target languages are Spanish and French, but I'd also appreciate. . They have a tool called the Subjunctivator that lets you know . French & Spanish resources for students. Skip to content. Helpful links: The subjunctivator!. Bonjour, the Subjunctivator no longer exists. You can find the new . 'subjunctivator' on the website which is free- Spanish new-ish spelling and.



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