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Closing your eHarmony account can be done via our website by following these steps once your subscription has expired: 1. Log into your eHarmony account 2.We're sorry to see you go! Before we can delete your account information, you will first need to close your account from within your Account Settings page.Jul 2, 2015 . If you'd like some written help with this, it's there for you: http://www.techboomers. com/t/delete-eharmony-account If you want to delete your . Mar 29, 2016 . Learn how to delete your account if you no longer want or need it on eHarmony, the popular and comprehensive dating and relationship advice . How to delete your eHarmony account. Before you leave, it may be interesting to read about non-refunding of paid memberships: . Mar 31, 2015 . You can delete your profile from eHarmony and prevent it from showing up in. Click "Close My eHarmony Account" to confirm your decision.Mar 31, 2015 . When you close your eHarmony account through eHarmony's site, no users can see your account and your matches will be closed. However . Learn how to close your eHarmony account temporarily if you want to reactivate later. Or, simply delete your account permanently by following these steps.Feb 14, 2016 . Then, to get rid of it completely and permanently, you have to email deletemyinfo with the subject line "Delete My Account .

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