Passive forms of gerunds and exercises infinitives

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Part 3 of the Gerund and Infinitive Tutorial.. Passive forms are used to emphasize that the subject of the sentence is being acted upon. Perfect gerund and. Exercises Based on Part 3 of the Gerunds and Infinitives Tutorial.Passive with gerund and infinitive 1. Gap-fill exercise. Rephrase the parts of the sentences with a passive gerund. Add a preposition when necessary. 1.using gerund infinitive verbs as passive. and Gerunds · Passive of infinitives and gerunds · Gerunds, Passive Voice · It is said that/is said to/(be) supposed to.This page provides examples of gerunds in the passive voice.PASSIVE INFINITIVES AND GERUNDS*. The passive infinitive form is used after modal verbs and other structures as going to, have to, want. Gap-fill exercise.PASSIVE FORMS USING VERBS INFINITIVE OR GERUND. English exercise " Verb+ing forms and infinitive" created by felin with The test builder. 2.Mar 15, 2013 . PASSIVE OFINFINITIVES AND GERUNDS REVIEW.Here's an interactive exercise about gerunds and infinitives after verbs.EXERCISE 2. With a partner, discuss the following topics using infinitives and gerunds. Use the appropriate simple, perfective, progressive, or passive form and  . Infinitive and Gerund, explanation and exercises.. Use. Certain words are followed by an Ing-Form. Use and Word Lists, Example. as the subject of a clause  .

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