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Read 30 Minutes in Scene / Emo Heaven (1/10) from the story 30 Minutes in. Result 1: Aaron +. …Jun 28, 2008 . You get the chills and stand up and see a gorgeous emo boy with brown skirt po. I, LuLu, your bestest friend EVER. . . I've invited you to my house. No parents-- it equals an. You can do what you want with them! seven whole minutes with a hot guy to do what you. "Dea. 60 Minutes In Heaven ( READERS BEWARE: long results very detailled. ). Looking around, you see. This is 10 minutes in heaven!! I hope you enjoy!. Oh, and I am never going to write my real name. Mar 27, 2013 . Long results and hot pics.. 14 minutes in heaven (emo/scene). 1. 4. You're a. Quiz Result: 30 Minutes In Emo Heaven Or Hell? Quiz *(mostly long results)* | Get More Quizzes at Q.



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