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Apr 29, 2011 . The most basic classification of plant species is between Bryophytes and Tracheophytes. Every plant found on earth is either a tracheophyte or . Bryophytes differ from tracheophytes because they lack a vascular system. Tracheophytes grow vertically and receive water and minerals to their aerial parts , . Oct 7, 2015 . Tracheophytes are vascular plants and bryophytes are non-vascular plants. Embryophytes or land plants can be divided into tracheophytes . Bryophytes: The term bryophyta is used as a collective name to represent a group of plants that includes the mosses (musci), hornworts and liverworts . Pteridophyta claim a special position as the first land plants. They are also called vascular cryptogams as they possess xylem and phloem. Pteridophytes are . Algae: common name for a relatively simple type of eukaryotic plant which is never differentiated into root, stem and leaves; which contains chlorophyll a as the . Tracheophytes are distinguished from bryophytes by their highly developed vascular systems, which facilitate the transport of water and nutrients to all parts of . Tracheophytes are vascular plants that have specialized systems to transport water and nutrients throughout plants by xylem and phloem components. Vascular  early diverging land plants represented by bryophytes, displaying. .. A, Diagram of the predicted DEK1 structure.. .. A, Venn diagram representing the number of detected transcripts. .. worts sister to the tracheophytes (Karol et al., 2001; Qiu.Feb 24, 2014 . of secondary cell wall-containing cells in the xylem of tracheophytes is still far from complete.. . six nontracheophyte genomes (from green algae and the bryophyte. A, Diagram of the Arabidopsis VUP1 gene and its predicted splice. .. The Venn diagram shows the number of genes down-regulated in .