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Use the DocuSign API to get the flexibility and control to scale from simple electronic signature integrations to complex enterprise applications.Build a better electronic signature experience with DocuSign REST and SOAP APIs, SDKs, and recipes. Get your free sandbox and make eSignature API calls.The REST API uses the same underlying data model and standard objects as those in the DocuSign SOAP-based API. The REST API also has the same limits  . DocuSign REST API recipes enable developers to send requests for esignatures, get status, setup webhooks, embed the DocuSign UX in apps, and more.Reference guides and documentation for DocuSign's eSignature REST API. Sign , send, and manage electronic documents through your app.password. Enumerated, grant type. scope. api. Enumerated, scope scope. api. Enumerated, scope. username, string, username. bearer, string, bearer . This guide also includes information on DocuSign security requirements and API call limits, authentication, and using Web Services Description Language . Step 1: use the login_information API end point to obtain the base URL for use in subsequent API calls, and the user's account ID. See the recipe Request a . Using the DocuSign eSignature API, you can seamlessly integrate embedded signing and sending into your website or app using the Embedding API feature.The DocuSign API offers a wide variety of tabs for you to tag your envelopes with.